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Puppy Packages

The Petland Puppy Value


  • All puppies are vet checked by the breeder’s vet before arrival.  (Value $40)
  • All puppies are checked by our vet within 48 hours of arrival.  A signed health certificate is included with every puppy.  (Value $40)
  • Our puppies come with a Free Initial Health Exam from either of our 2 vets – Smith & Shedd Family Pet Hospital or Town & Country Veterinary Care.  (Value $40)
  • Our puppies come with a 25% discount on Spay or Neuter from either of our 2 vets.  (Value $50)
  • All puppies are current on Vaccinations and De-Wormings.  (Value $160)
  • All puppies are treated for Ear Mites as soon as they arrive.  (Value $20)
  • 14 day warranty offered on Parvo, Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Virus, Canine Influenza and any other contagious diseases.  (Value is up to the cost of the puppy)
  • 3 Year Health Warranty on Congenital or Hereditary problems up to the price of the puppy – some exclusions and limitations apply.  (Value is up to the cost of the puppy)
  • All puppies come with AKC or AKC Canine Partners Registration paperwork unless otherwise disclosed.  (Value $50)
  • All puppies are from USDA licensed and inspected breeders with no violations
  • All puppies receive a bath and nail trim before going to their new home.  (Value $30)
  • All puppies are well socialized.
  • Registration with AKC or AKC Canine Partners will activate 30 days of free health insurance.  (Value $1,500)
  • 1-year subscription to AKC magazine.  (Value $25)
  • Free Training DVD and website modules from Dogstar Training.  (Value $50)
  • Knowledgeable Pet Counselors to explain the 4 Basic Needs – Behavioral, Maintenance, Environmental, and Nutritional.
  • All puppies are microchipped and registered with Help Me Find My Pet.  If the puppy is ever lost or stolen an Amber Alert will be sent out in a 50-mile radius of its last know location.  Registration is for the lifetime of the puppy.  (Value $300)

TOTAL PUPPY VALUE IS OVER $2,000!!!  All included with your puppy!!!

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